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Paprika is both an argument for and a demonstration of animation's power to put us into a state of alert hypnosis. Paprika assumes many forms in the everchanging dreamscape to relate to the other characters. Anime Essentials: Every Thing a Fan Needs to Know. The Animation Show brought animated shorts into more North American theaters than any previous commercial festival. This film is interesting from beginning to end even though the plot advances rather slowly. Bugs became the cartoon Cagney — urban, crafty, pugnacious — and then the unflappable underhare who wins every battle without ever mussing his aplomb. The voice acting is fantastic, the story is pretty good. Enhance your IMDb Page. Stars: Miroslav KrobotMarie LudvíkováKarel RodenLeos Noha. Culhane also states that he does not remember any instance in which the film was censored. For when a genius like Lasseter sits at his computer, the machine becomes more than just a supple paintbrush. It is a film filled with government agents, otherworldly beings, incredible gore, and incredible sex.
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