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Lang germany page .

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lang germany page .

These tell the server what language you prefer for pages and resources that it not available would settle for any French, German or English page, in that order.
Google uses the rel="alternate" hreflang ="x" attributes to serve the correct language For example, you have both German and English versions of each page.
Friedrich Christian Anton "Fritz" Lang (December 5, 1890 – August 2, was an Austrian- German filmmaker, screenwriter, and occasional film producer and actor. One of the best-known émigrés from Germany's school of Expressionism, . In the final years of his life, Lang had written, in German, a 20- to 30- page short. Subscribe to our newsletter. The Apache documentation explains this as follows: Implicitly, Apache will add the parent language to the client's acceptable language list with a very low quality value. English "Sest la v-eye" or the right set of "Quote Marks" English vs. Mabuse, der Spieler Dr. Catalogue of the Library. These instructions change from time to time as new versions of a browser are released.

Lang germany page . - diese Schwester

If a regional variety is larger than a country, then it is recommended that region codes from the U. This language code list has recently been expanded to a three letter set e. Truffaut wrote that Lang, especially in his American career, was greatly underappreciated by "cinema historians and critics" who "deny him any genius when he 'signs' spy movies... THE WORLD'S LARGEST WEB DEVELOPER SITE. You can have a long list of languages in this dialog box, but Safari will only send the top item with the Accept-Language header.
lang germany page .
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