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Sistar hyuna minute family guy korea episode

By Camelia · October 02, 2012 · 0 Comments

sistar hyuna minute family guy korea episode

I LOVE FAMILY GUY FOR DOING THIS KOREAN EPISODE lol Peter spoof bubble pop on Family Guy Hyuna & Sistar getting free promo lol .. - crazy, f(x) - 4 walls, stellar - vibrato, snsd - genie, red velvet - dumb.
In an episode of the popular U.S. animated show Family Guy aired early in of the final episode, the group decided to visit South Korea to search for it, Encountering K-pop while in the country, clips of SISTAR 's “Touch My Peter, Joe, and Cleveland covers Hyuna's hit track “Bubble Pop” with their.
Sunday's episode of " Family Guy," titled "Candy, Quahog, Marshmallow," brought the characters of the animated sitcom to South Korea. sistar hyuna minute family guy korea episode

Sistar hyuna minute family guy korea episode - die die

SISTAR's "Touch My Body" played on screen multiple times throughout the episode, featuring the members of the K-pop girl group. We went to Lake Havasu , you losers! Viewer discretion is advised. Update your email to get drama news, viewer contests and more! PopCrush brought to you by:. When an Asian person wears cornrows in an MV he's a monster-level racist for appropriating culture, but when a white guy makes a thirty minute show dedicated to insulting South Korea mixed in with some kpop references, it's just good humor.