Everything is super slow even though none of my cores are clocked above 5% [closed]

After a session of CS:GO, my computer became very sluggish and hasn’t gone back to normal even after a couple of rebooting. Htop shows me that everything is normal, my ram is like it always is and none of the cores of my cpu go above 5 to 7 percent, yet, it takes a good 30 seconds before I can open a terminal and everything else is pretty much not happening.

Can anyone help me please?

Edit: CSGO can run without a problem, everything else barely can. I’m using Linux Mint 19.1 and I use 180.80 GB out of 465.76, my laptop is an Asus X75A

Archive from: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1192395/everything-is-super-slow-even-though-none-of-my-cores-are-clocked-above-5


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