python – How to get string matching position while matching two string

I would like to get the matching position of two strings like illustrated in the example below :

sequence = "MTGLKILYH"
alignment = "GPKI---LYH"
pos = get_alignment_position(sequence,alignment)

As you may see, the two strings can be a little different (GL instead of GP), but I still want to keep this, and the beginning of the string can be different as well so the indexing should be based on alignment.

I already have an almost working algorithm based on the difflib package, but I would like to know if there is already an existing method?
I have a lot of unusual cases where it is not working, and I have to deal with all of these ‘special cases’ and it can take a lot of trials… So if a Magick package exists already… I take it =D

Thank you for your help!

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