Unable to stylize generated RSS on tag

I generated a RSS on a tag with the following page

At the bottom of the page there’s a tutorial on how to stylize the output, for example, it says that the title is inside a class called feed title, I tried to make a simple change to it but it isn’t doing anything.

<script src="//rss.bloople.net/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fep00.epimg.net%2Frss%2Ftags%2Fnoticias_mas_vistas.xml&showtitle=false&type=js"></script>

I also tried to do it with h3 directly but it’s still not working, you can find the JSFiddle of this here

1 Answer

.feed-title is the title for whole feed (which is turned off by your query parameters in the rss url with &showtitle=false), to target the title of each listing use .feed-item-title

Additionally, the a tag that is generated inside the title element would override your css settings for color. Try targeting the a tag to change the color:

.feed-item-title a {

Archive from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59024343/unable-to-stylize-generated-rss-on-script-tag


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