Webview of e-commerce site in Native mobile app

So im tasked with building a native mobile app, the app is basically a lifestyle app that shows the articles, news, etc… nothing crazy, but it will also have an e-commerce store. So im not sure how i would implement the e-commerce store into the app.

I know some e-commerce platforms like Shopify offer mobile version of the e-commerce store, but my app’s main function will be about news and other stuff.

I was thinking of having a e-commerce website made with Magento, Shopify (or any e-com platform) and then in my mobile app, i’d have a “store” button that will load a webview of the e-commerce website.

Would this be a good solution to go about? I saw the NBA app, has something similar to this what i’m trying to do. I posted some pictures of the NBA app below.

Side Question:
– Is it still native, if it’s loading a e-commerce webpage, or is it now considered a hybrid app?

enter image description here
enter image description here

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