When did Club Penguin start?


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May 21, 2012 8:05PM

It started for beta testing in March 2005 and opened to the
general public on October 24, 2005.
Club penguin was created by a company called Rocket Snail. It was
originally called Penguin Chat. PC (Penguin Chat) was originally
released in a very early beta mode to the public. At this time,
Disney did not support PC, so the servers running PC were somewhat
basic. The max players could only be about 100 before the game
would crash. Once the game was created, a lot of users complained
about how many features were lacking, suck as the dojo and pet shop
did nothing at all. Once Disney stepped in though, they built it
into a great game that we see today. You still can see Rocket
Snail’s website here: http://rocketsnail.com

Hope this helps.

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