Why std::optional::value_or dont have a specialization for default ctor types?

std::optional<Class> a;
a.value_or( Class() ).GetMember();

Why cant we do this like:


Can standard specialize value_or on a default constructible basis?

1 Answer

Unfortunately this value_or doesn’t have this option and I agree with with Max Langhof’s comment that it should be a separate function value_or_default.

Nevertheless I’ve put together a little workaround for your case:

struct default_constructor_t {
  explicit default_constructor_t() = default;

inline constexpr default_constructor_t default_constructor{};

class Class {
  Class(default_constructor_t) : Class{} {}

int GetMember(std::optional<Class> Object) {
  return Object.value_or(default_constructor).GetMember();

In this solution, you need to add an additional implicit constructor to your class. This solution is also lazy. It will call default constructor only if optional doesn’t have a value.

Archive from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59035592/why-stdoptionalvalue-or-dont-have-a-specialization-for-default-ctor-types


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